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Feeling Optimistic

This week I decided to make a concerted effort to take control of my health and wellbeing.   I’ve been working towards it for months by gradually introducing healthier habits and now I’m implementing a regime to get me over the first hurdle for the next couple of weeks.  The ones that seem to have worked best for me health wise as well as for weight loss are Keto and Intermittent Fasting.   The keto diet helps to kick start me into dropping those unhealthy carbs and reducing my appetite and only eating during an 8 hour period helps me to stop grazing and late night snacking.  

However, after four days on the keto diet I hit a brick wall energy wise which is probably due to the lack of salt. This time hasn’t been any different and when I started to feel weak, I decided to take my blood pressure with a machine I bought when I was diagnosed with arrhythmia last year. I was alarmed to see that I was just one level below the extreme danger mark! I did a bit of research and it is quite normal for this diet to have an effect on your blood pressure and it can cause episodes of arrhythmia and increased blood pressure, this is because the diet can disrupt your electrolytes and you need to increase your sodium, magnesium and potassium levels. I already take supplements and after I drank a lot more water and took more salt and my heart rate stabilised. I struggle to maintain a keto diet for more than a few weeks anyway and I can’t take the risk of it affecting my heart. But being overweight is also having a very detrimental effect on my health though, so with this in mind I’m looking to adjust to a more of a Mediterranean style diet which may be better for my condition.

I’ve lost a couple of pounds in a week though but now I’m looking up recipes to make sure I don’t affect my heart rhythm in a detrimental way and still lose weight. I don’t want to go back to eating bread and pastry though as this is what I ate far too much of before. So the search goes on to find the right way but hopefully it won’t be too long before I feel like I’m on the right track.

Illnesses in the home

Last week my daughter tested positive for Covid-19 and had to stay home and my son also had the flu.   They were both isolating in different rooms most of the time and my daughter wore a mask when in the same room so fortunately, I don’t seem to have caught anything from them and they haven’t shared their illnesses with each other  or my husband. They were both quite ill though, my daughter had had symptoms the previous week at school (she boards so only home at weekends) and mainly suffered with a cough, headache and exhaustion. My son was worse with the flu and spent the first three days in bed with a fever, body aches and exhaustion. We all got tested at the lab mid week and their conditions were confirmed. They are all better now though and have returned to school today so I can start focusing on myself again.


I’ve really been enjoying the Zumba and Figure 8 workouts so I will continue with them but I’d also like to do a short daily morning routine, when I say short, I mean only 5-10 minutes of Yoga stretches or something to set me up for the day.    Something I can make into a habit every morning when I get out of bed.   I’m going to look up some chi gong or tai chi moves that will energise me and help with flexibility too as I am always very stiff in the mornings.   If you are familiar with Donna Eden’’s Energy Medicine techniques there are a lot of routines you can use with this too.  So once I’ve decided on a routine I have to find way to remind myself to do it, it’s said that it takes three weeks to establish a habit so maybe a checklist is required to start with until it become part of my normal morning routine like cleaning my teeth.

Working with Energy

I haven’t been very busy with my therapy work what with people being ‘Covid contact cases’ clients and myself included; but, I recently did a lovely Reiki session with a client   and after the treatment I really felt like I wanted to work more in this area.  It isn’t a therapy I often promote as I concentrate more on Reflexology or Massage but I feel drawn to working more with energy.  I already take part in a monthly healing group with some likeminded friends, it started with Reiki but we share lots of different ideas and methods and its really inspirational and therapeutic too.  With this in mind I’m going to add Reiki and Chakra balancing to the treatments I offer and I’m enrolling a few other courses to complement and add more depth to the treatments I offer.  

I also take part in three monthly workshops a friend of mine does on Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Counselling. I’ve found these to be very beneficial in overcoming some of my own insecurities and also being a better therapist to my clients.


One area I’ve been particularly interested in for many years actually, is Manifestation.   You may also know it as ‘The Law of Attraction’, ‘Cosmic Ordering System’ or ‘The Secret’.   I bought an online package called ‘Manifestation Magic’ a few years ago, it mainly comprises of a selection of Meditations to help raise your vibration to attract the things you want into your life.    My issue was that I couldn’t let go of the self doubt and sceptical thoughts no matter how much I tried to be positive.

A couple of things you need to manifest is first to know exactly what you want and then really be able to visualise it so that it feels real and believable. To let go of desire and needs because these identify your feelings of lacking something and what you focus on you attract.

So, I need to be specific about what I want and work on overcoming my own obstacles. I know I want to be fit and healthy, I want to be fluent in French, I want to be successful in my work and secure in my relationships etc. I am already working on the negative thinking and beliefs and I feel I’m doing really well in this area. I’m still using the ‘Five Second Rule’ that I talked about in my last post and finding that I have far greater control over my thoughts and feelings because of this and also getting more done.

I’ve also been listening to one of the meditations when I go to bed and since doing this I’ve noticed I’m acting on articles or advertisements I see relating to self healing and therapies. I feel more enthusiastic about studying and I’ve recommenced courses that I enrolled in over a year ago that got put aside or forgotten. These courses include a different form of Reiki and Quantum Healing etc and will not only help with my own healing but also be able to enhance the work I already do.

As if all the courses I’m doing are not enough, I am also enrolling on a course that came to my attention very recently and I feel it will greatly compliment the work I already do. It’s called Facial Emotional Therapy, here is a brief extract of what it’s about:

Facial Emotional Therapy is a gentle non-invasive treatment, designed specifically to work in sync with the nervous system, giving the opportunity to experience peace and rejuvenation through sensitive touch and soothing strokes over the meridian system. Working directly on the face, head, and neck accesses many of the significant energy points relating to the various systems of the body, clearing stress levels and emotional blockages allowing relaxation and clarity of mind to take place. The entire body experiences a deep and profound state of bliss. This therapy merges techniques drawn from physiotherapy, kinesiology, facial harmony, brain gym, energy healing, remedial massage, and reflexology‘.

I’m really looking forward to doing this course in particular as it is an accredited and recommended course by the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists) of which I am a member so I will definitely be able to offer this to clients.

Attention Span

I’ll be focussing on keeping up with all the things I’ve talked about above, it seems quite a lot and one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia I experience is not being able to concentrate for long periods of time. This is why I have so many things I like to do but become overwhelmed sometimes. The way I’m going to deal with this is to dedicate a limited amount of time to different subjects. Like at school you would go from one class to another, this is how I am going to approach learning the different subjects and also incorporate new habits and hobbies. That way I’m hoping to be able to progress slowly in each area because I won’t get bogged down on one thing to the point were I can’t focus. Ideally I will alternate between studying and more physical work like exercise and my normal day to day routines of shopping, housework and cooking.

Talking of attention span, I know myself how difficult it is to focus and read long articles so I’m going to finish here. Before my next update I will try to write my next article on either Gratitude or Forgiveness. If you haven’t looked at any of my articles yet take a look at the menu and see if anything interests you. I find all of these subject are helping me get to where I want to be and hope you will find them useful too.

If you’d like to see my future content then please enter your email and press subscribe below and you will be alerted when I publish anything new. Also, as this is a new website I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions about what I write and you can make comments at the bottom of the page. Thank You for taking the time to read this. Until next time, I wish you all the very best. Janet x


I am currently affiliated with Body FX. This page may contain other affiliated links and if you purchase any item from following one of these links I may receive a small commission. Images that I haven’t taken myself are from pixabay.cm, unsplash.com or pexels.com.

I am currently affiliated with Body FX. This page may contain other affiliated links and if you purchase any item from following one of these links I may receive a small commission. Images that I haven’t taken myself are from pixabay.cm, unsplash.com or pexels.com.