I love your poem and how you describe the natural connections we all have without even realising, the beauty and transformation of the life cycle. x

Ann Algie

Nature is so beautiful – even in death. This ash log had been lying on the ground for a couple of years before this stunning fungus appeared. The log is slowly rotting and the fungus is part of that process. There is no real ‘death’ as such – everything is transformed. Everything that is part of this planet is energy and this energy changes and vibrates at different levels but it never disappears. We are living in a world far more amazing than we are able to fully comprehend at this stage of our evolution.

Here is a poem a wrote about how I view death. I find it comforting but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea!


Millions of lives have lived within ‘me’,

Bacteria and cells that no eye can see.

Now I am ‘dead’ – and yet so alive!

One life is many and we…

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