Jo Jackaman is a friend of mine with a background and training in Homoeopathy, CBT Coaching and Mentoring, Unity Field Healing Practitioner, Reiki and Tarot Advisor for Personal development. Working with humans, horses and nature, Jo offers a blend of holistic healing and coaching.

She also offers a process of learning about oneself, how we are in the moment and developing meaningful self-awareness through working with horses – Equine Facilitated Learning.

Horses can offer us, through experiential learning, an understanding of “how others see us”. During interactions with the horse, there is often a reflection of the emotional and energetic state that arises in people when considering personal challenges. This change or experience can be explored further during an individual debrief session or a group discussion.

In November 2022 we are holding a Wellbeing Retreat Weekend where Jo will be introducing people to Equine Facilitated Learning to help you to discover more about yourself, develop new ways of thinking and create positive changes in your day to day life, with greater awareness and an enhanced sense of well-being. Details of this event and how to register are at the bottom of the page.

Jo will be providing people with opportunity to experience an exercise to show how working with horses can offer a valuable tool for well-being and greater authenticity in all areas of our life. A profound way to “remember” we have a choice and can do things differently – leading to a sense of empowerment and authenticity in our lives.

Jo’s website is currently under construction so I have attached a little more information on this unique system below.

For people interested in our Weekend Retreat in the South of France, see details below:

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